Cocomilk kefir is active, unstressed & colonising  - unlike manufactured, freeze-dried & dormant sachets / capsules.  It's a real probiotic food.
Gluten free
Lactose free
Sugar free
Soy free
Dairy free
Egg free
Grain free
Guilt free


Health & use info. 

Cocomilk Kefir is an unbeatable pro-biotic - we've achieved a natural low tang taste & low sweetness, so it can be used  as a savory or dessert food.  It tastes very similar to natural greek yogurt.  There's a "Recipes Here" button above.

It's a yogurt & cream replacement, plus it survives in low-temp baking (<55C).  Try it for omlettes, pasta sauces or serve cold on muesli, smoothies, curries, cakes & where-ever your ideas lead you.

The broad-range of pro-biotics means a much better support of nutritional uptake, general digestion & reduction of gut imflamation.

Unlike most yogurts & freeze dried capsules our cocmilk kefir is hydrated & robust. So, it works immediately with your gut to give on-going support. Great on it's own or have it with meals  -  again, there's a "Recipes Here" button above.

One other advantage of coconut milk is that it contains "mct" oils which are shorter in length than many other animal & plant oils.  This makes absorption & quick metabolism of these oils easier for distressed gut tissue.

If you have specific health concerns then please research the use of kefir in scientific/medical journals & consult your health practioner - you'll be very pleasantly surprised.

Note: We can only deliver to NSW / ACT
What's special?  -  It's live, fresh & active

Looks like natural greek yogurt - but much healthier - coconut 'milk' base with no flavouring & no preservatives.  And, it has a unique low tang taste.

32+ different types of beneficial interactive pro-biotics - 52 billion active CFUs / jar !  Drinking style kefirs are mostly milk-based & have 1/3 the CFUs.  And, fermented vegetables have just a few types of probiotics with even less CFUs.
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Cocomilk Kefir
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Cocomilk  (Non-Dairy)  Kefir -  Fermented  Multi-Probiotic
  One heaped teaspoon has about 500 million active good bacteria.  AND,
  only two ingredients - coconut milk & water based kefir - nothing else!
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Spoonable & Soft  -  A yogurt & cream substitute  -  Vegan