Crash Course
Meet your amazing & sometimes mis-understood food processor that digests, rejects & protects re what you have eaten.

Fun, fast paced & loud. Nil by mouth - all by eye/ear.
Brain In The Gut
Cooking's influence on dietary habits, feeding signals, gut physiology & our mostly autonomic digestive brain.

Entertaining & informative with some basic yet often overlooked facts.
Intermittent  Fasting
Re Weight Loss (& Muscle Loss)

Jason Fung MD speaks candidly & simply about the effects of fasting & some obvious benefits, as well as some errors in considering how metabolism functions.

Very entertaining, informative & moderately easy to follow.
Dr Jason Fung -Therapeutic Fasting & Two Compartments
The science of the body's energy use & storage.  Similar, but deeper information re the "intermittent
fasting" video - with discussion of clinical data &  "ridiculous" myths re fasting.

Surprising & educative.
Type 3 Diabetes: The Connection between Alzheimer’s and Metabolic Syndrome
Mark Hyman MD discusses the role of insulin in Alzheimer's desease - with clinical anecdotes / suggestions.

An easy & broad presentation for general audiences - covers topics for viewers to explore.
The Role Of lactic Acid In Digestion, 1893 - US Surgeon General's Library.  Allan Jones MD discusses the role of lactic acid in primary digestion & macro- nutrient food combining. It's of surprising practical & historical interest - though quaint.

This is a scanned .pdf document & is a little technical.
World Of Bacteria
An easy and far ranging documentary about the "human symbiote" (you?) & the microbial world.  Highly recommended for the ease of presentation & explanations used.

Well directed, informative & engaging.
What Is Epigenetics? - Nessy Carey.
The function of genes can be regulated.  And, some regulation can be passed onto offspring.

Accessible & a little technical.  But, very entertaining, clear and interesting - recommended.