Jojoba-Coconut Balm -  our copy of skin's sebum
40ml Jar

100% Food Ingredients Only

'edible is safe'
Health & use info.

Human sebum is the prefered skin & hair follicle conditioner.  We just copied it using all "clay clarified" food ingredients. These clays are used as facial cleasers and as treatments for ingested poisons - these clays are both safe & detoxifying.

Jojoba-Coconut Balm (& sebum) has main 3 parts.

   • Clear jojoba to bind moisture skin.
   • Clear MCT coconut oil to directly feed & lipidise skin.
   • Clear Candelilla wax to seal-over moisture ( it has zero spores & no pollen)

Your hair folicles also use wax to lubricate & protect growing hair - this helps avoid
foliculitis (inflammation, often from in-grown hairs).
Note: We can only deliver to NSW
& ACT areas
Jojoba-Coconut Balm can be applied to sensitive areas.  And, it's very suitable for - dermatitis, eczema & psoriasis!
Our balm uses clear (pure) jojoba & clear candelilla wax (no spores - no pollen).  We've added clear MCT coconut oil for cell nutrition & anti-inflammatory support.  Yes, it's a vegan item.

We use all food ingredients - because "edible is safe".  There's zero toxicity & it won't  block pores.
This is our copy of skin's own conditioner. - sebum.  Everyone's skin makes sebum to moisturise, soften & feed your skin.  It's an optimal skin conditioner & suits dry, normal & olive skin.